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Musings, tips, and thoughts from the Organizer team

Getting High Quality Customer Feedback on Your Door to Door Sales Process

Posted by Ellen Perfect on Nov 23, 2015 6:47:50 AM


Customer feedback is an essential piece of any sales operation. It helps companies tailor their programs to meet the needs of each client more thoroughly and to resolve issues that are affecting their conversion rates. But while most companies understand the importance of feedback in general, few understand how to get the most honest and actionable feedback from each customer.

Topics: canvassing, sales, jobs

How to Make an Impact at the Door

Posted by Ellen Perfect on Nov 18, 2015 8:38:07 AM

Research suggests that you have seven seconds to make a first impression. In door to door sales, this means that in the first seven seconds of meeting a new potential lead, the customer will decide whether they are hearing your pitch, or closing the door. This gives salespeople only a short window to capitalize on the potential to win a new lead. By engaging the right strategies, though, door to door sales operations can maximize their lead generation rate.

Topics: canvassing, sales

Why Your Door to Door Sales Pitch is Outdated

Posted by Ellen Perfect on Nov 17, 2015 6:55:56 AM

Having a pitch plan is an important element of keeping a sales team organized, but scripting your conversations may be holding your sales team back. Sales scripts limit the degree of engagement the salesperson can have with the customer and make purchasing a product a much more burdensome process for the customer. Using a pitch frame is a more modern option that allows a manager to lay out the questions the salesperson should ask and the major points they need to emphasize while placing the freedom to shape the conversation in the hands of the salespeople.

Topics: canvassing, sales

Five Tips to Make Your Solar Canvassing Really Shine

Posted by Chloe Horsma on Nov 16, 2015 8:44:24 AM

 1. Take a Step Back

Once you’ve rung the doorbell, take a giant step backward.  If you’re too close to the door when they open it, it might come off as threatening or intrusive, and make them uncomfortable before you’re able to connect with them.

Topics: Tips and Tricks, sales

How Nick Josefowitz beat the last Republican in San Francisco

Posted by Rebecca Stone on Nov 10, 2015 6:40:26 AM

Nick Josefowitz had one goal – “Clean up BART”.

BART, or Bay Area Rapid Transit, is the public transportation system that connects the East Bay to San Francisco and has the reputation of being outdated and dirty. Josefowitz wanted to join the elected BART board, which oversees billions of dollars in contracts including contracts for power plants, housing, and retail around its stations, to bring innovation to its dated system and leadership.

Topics: canvassing, elections, candidates, customer story, local government

The Power of 160 Characters

Posted by Asher Novek on Nov 4, 2015 7:11:50 AM

I was sitting by myself on my regular stool in my local bar, a quiet night in the warm transition period between Spring and Summer.  Some people came in and out, the normal bar conversation around me.  Two women came in and sat down next to me, talking about people their friends were dating and the Jets.  One started talking to me when I made an off handed comment about the Jets quarterback, and eventually the topic of what I do came up.  “Well, I’m about to begin testing on a pilot for a text message project,” which is unusual bar conversation.  HeartGov was in the beginning stages of it’s initial pilot, and we were about to bring the prototype to the community groups and government officials I spent the prior several months working with on the design of the platform.  “The basic idea is that you can text whatever is important to you - questions, comments, ideas - and they go to your local community groups and leaders.”  I had gotten the basic elevator pitch down.  “But what if I don’t have anything to say?” one of the women asked.  I was taken aback.  “What kinds of things are important to you?” She thought for a minute.  “I really don’t think what I have to say is that important,” she insisted.  “Of course it is, what’s important to you?”  She paused.  She took out her phone and texted.  “No more charter schools, let’s support our public schools!” is what she texted.  That was when I knew HeartGov was on to something.  

Topics: text message, sms, guest blog, government, open government

Now Hiring: Customer Account Specialist

Posted by Emma Gibbens on Nov 2, 2015 4:11:41 PM

Are you excited to work directly with customers at the forefront of progressive technology? Do you like understanding needs, solving issues, and building the relationships that lead to a customer’s success? If you’re self-motivated, outgoing, and thrive in the challenges and dynamism that come with working in a start-up environment, then this role will suit you.

Customer Story: TechniArt and a Southern California Utility

Posted by Emma Gibbens on Nov 2, 2015 2:36:20 PM

TechniArt is a consulting firm that helps utilities develop marketing products, increase sales, and run special programs like Smart Meter Installation to residents. Since TechniArt consultants are based around the country and this project was with a Southern California Utility, they were looking for a solution to help them manage a remote workforce with a high level of accountability. In addition, the survey and Smart Meter process is quite complicated, and it was necessary to have a streamlined delivery at the door. 

Topics: customer story, utilities, energy

Is the integrated digital campaign finally a reality?

Posted by Liam Speden on Oct 19, 2015 5:34:00 PM


The idea of an integrated digital campaign is to create a seamless interconnection between every channel of engagement that can be tracked, measured, and tuned to maximize the effectiveness of outreach.

Topics: Thought Leadership, sales

Demand Accountability from your Field Campaign

Posted by Liam Speden on Oct 12, 2015 7:34:00 AM

You’re spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on reaching your target audience – shouldn’t you know where your money is going?

Topics: Thought Leadership

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