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Article | Jul 6, 2016 11:00:00 AM

5 Advantages of Campaigning in the Field

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Posted by Arin Mallin
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A trend in campaining over the past few decades has been the lack of persionalization. With the ever rising prescene of social media and the internet as a whole, information can be passed around quicker and more efficiently than ever before. Only one thing is missing from a system such as this, people. In some ways you can personalize messages and content through utlizing certain channels when targeting specific groups of people. Yet, this is means mostly demographically segmenting. For example, targeting millenials with on Instagram, or professionals on LinkedIn. While this is more specific than mass-targeting the population, it still isn't tailored to an individual.

Read on to find out how campaigning in the field can be the solution to decades of unpersonalized messaging strategies. 


1. Face-to-Face Communication

No one can deny the power of a face-to-face conversation. Being able to see the face of company or campaign or otherwise immediatly creates a connection between the person they are interacting with the larger organization. One great intereaction can be all it takes to have a new lead or voter.  It takes a normally very inpersonal process and makes it personal again and brings actual people back into the discussion rather than a text or image on a screen. 

2. Tell How to Steer the conversation

Body language is incredibily important to understand when having an in person conversation. Leaning away can be the individual doesn't like what they are hearing, disagree, or just want to get out of the conversation. Take this moment to try and change the direction of the conversation. Bring up a new topic that is related but not the one that was causes the discussion to go south. You can see in real time what issues or selling points influences an conversation in one way rather than the other. This way you can immediate personalize the message to the individual, rather than large target segments.

3. Determine How Qualified a Lead is on the Spot

Sometimes even if a conversation is going well, the individual just might not be someone who will eventually make a purchase or disagrees with a candidate on too many platforms. It is better to gather this information in real-time and in person than to continually target someone who may not be interested. It not only saves your organization's time but theirs as well. Not everyone you talk to is going to be a qualified lead, but by meeting potential leads in person there is a much better chance of determining that rather than over the internet.

4. Informs the overall sales process as to what the ideal buy looks like

See what works and what doesn't! What pitch script worked well and in what enviroment. What the stream of questions asked were and how did you answer them. How did all these things come together and lead to a buy or someone pledging their vote to a certain candidate. The process of seeing these results in real time is invaluable to any sales or campaign manager. This will not only quicken the process futher down the line, but also give you a better understanding of what your ideal customer or voter may look like. 

5. Can be harder for someone to say no and opt in to listening to hear more information when they usually wouldn't

Let's be honest, it is harder to get out of an in-person conversation than an online or other form of digital one. It is easy for someone to unsubscribe to an email campaign or skip the commercials on tv. When having a face-to-face conversation, people feel more obliged to listen. And the longer they listen, the better chance they will hear something they actually like. Most people click away before they learn the true benefits of your product or campaign. Now you will have a chance to give them all the information they may need, as well as make it something personal for them.


Campaigning in the field is bringing people back together to have discussions about the issues that impact them. Organizer strives to bring communities together whether it is at the door, on the street, or over the phone. 


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