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Article | Jan 18, 2017 8:00:00 AM

8 Great Ways to Fundraise for your Campaign

Campaigns & Politics Advocacy & Fundraising

Posted by Nina Foo



If you've decided to run for office the next step is looking at your options for funding. It's hard enough running for office let alone paying for it all yourself. Here are some options for fundraising for your campaign.

8 Great Ways to Fundraise for your Campaign


1. Start ASAP

First off the sooner you start the better. If it's possible to start fundraising before you go public you should. As you know, running a campaign takes office space, phones, and other supplies.

2. Hold a Fundraising Event

A common way people raise money is by holding an event, but make sure you do this strategically. For example, instead of just holding a $500 per person event offer a 2,000 VIP reception beforehand. Also, after the event, you can have a $50 person dessert reception. This way you have something for all types of donors, and you will get more contributions off of one event.  

3. Set Up a Text-to-Give Campaign

We're in the modern day and that means everything now is connected to mobile. Use a text-to-give platform and set it up for your campaign. Now you can promote to people to use the platform to donate to your campaign. Plus by making it as simple as possible more people are likely to offer something.


You can also ask people to give when volunteers are canvassing. If you use Organizer you can embed the link in your script and get people to donate to your campaign in the field. 

4. Make Telphone Requests 

Calling people is another fundraising tactic you can use. Make sure to call at convenient times, and don't make it all about asking for money. While you have people on the phone this is a good time to talk about the candidate.

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5. Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Peer-to-peer fundraising is great for expanding your donor database. Peer-to-peer fundraising uses your current donors' influence to help encourage their friends for donations. 

6. Writing Letters 

Guess what? People still like getting personal letters. You can send out letters asking for general donations. Just make sure that each one is genuine and personal. Also, emails are a good way of asking people for donations as well. Simply assess whether email or a letter would be preferable to the specific donor. 

7. Offer Tax Deductions 

Give your donors an incentive by potentially offering a tax deduction. Make sure to contact the IRS first to find out how you can offer this. 

8. Ask for More 

Also, don't be afraid to ask for larger donations. It's too risky to assume you'll get all the funding you need from small donations. 


Use any or all of these fundraising strategies. We would love to hear, which fundraising ideas you found most helpful. So make sure to comment down below. 

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