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Article | Dec 26, 2015 7:00:00 AM

Building Personal Connections with Leads to Build Trust

Careers Sales & Direct Marketing

Posted by Ellen Perfect


One of the biggest benefits of using a door to door sales structure is the opportunity to build personal connections with leads to increase conversion rates. But simply appearing in person isn’t enough to make a lead feel connected enough to trust your salespeople—and your product. Try the following tips for going that extra mile to build trusting relationships with leads.

Build a Narrative

Building a narrative is all about proving the benefit of your product. While listing features will get a point across in a pitch, attaching them to the problems of real customers will help leads connect far more closely with the product and see themselves actually using it. It also makes the claims you make much more tactile and easy to believe.

Create a Community

Offering to put leads into contact with current customers will help your product’s benefit speak for itself. Additionally, creating a community of ownership around your product will make buying it feel less like a purchase and more like a membership into a green energy community.

Be Believable

Take a page out of top fundraisers’ playbooks and shape your pitch around establishing trust. In addition to having open body language and an inviting appearance, adding elements of transparency and honesty into your pitch can go a long way toward assuring leads that you are a person worth working with.

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