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Article | Nov 2, 2015 2:36:20 PM

Customer Story: TechniArt and a Southern California Utility

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Posted by Emma Gibbens

TechniArt is a consulting firm that helps utilities develop marketing products, increase sales, and run special programs like Smart Meter Installation to residents. Since TechniArt consultants are based around the country and this project was with a Southern California Utility, they were looking for a solution to help them manage a remote workforce with a high level of accountability. In addition, the survey and Smart Meter process is quite complicated, and it was necessary to have a streamlined delivery at the door. 

Organizer’s real time mobile canvassing software was the solution. Due to the real-time results and accountability features like Shenanigans and Hourly Metrics, TechniArt had a detailed level of oversight even though they were not directly managing on the ground. To execute the Smart Meter application process, TechniArt utilized Organizer’s survey logic and created a 80+ question survey with simple branching so the representative only asked relevant questions throughout the conversation.

"Organizer made it really easy to manage the entire door-to-door process. The client was extremely pleased with the volume and quality of data collected."  Sarah Williams, Marketing Specialist, TechniArt

As a result, TechniArt was able to easily manage the entire door-to-door process and collect rich data about every resident in this Southern California Utility’s region. The representative was able to work more efficiently using the mobile app to navigate the territory, track who has responded, and expedite every conversation with the simple survey walk through. As a result, they were able to knock on 2 times as many doors in the same amount of time as previous installation programs.


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