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Article | Sep 13, 2016 12:30:00 PM

Door-to-Door Marketing Revival

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Posted by Nina Foo



Door-to-door marketing is making a come back, although it has been overlooked in the past now there are specific uses for this technique. A deterrent to using door-to-door marketing  is the impression that everyone hates door-to-door salespeople. In some cases this is true, but if done correctly door-to-door sales offers a personal connection.

In addition, there is an opportunity for feedback. Door-to-door marketing opens an avenue to create real relationships with potential customers, and even be more effective than some online marketing channels. In addition, door-to-door marketing is a different way to your information out in public.


Ultimately,  if a relationship can be forged during a door-to-door sales opportunity then this relationship will be worth a lot in the future. Remember the power of being face-to-face makes a big difference.

Email Marketing can be less effective  

Another reason to consider getting out of the office and doing door-to-door sales is email marketing is becoming less effective. Now with email marketing there is the risk of annoying users with unsolicited mail, and there are spam filters that block people from even looking at your message. Thus, a great way to cut through the noise is knocking on someone's door, and someone at your door is a lot harder to ignore than an email.


Not only is email marketing become more widely ignored so is online advertising. It's been found that four out of five Americans ignore online advertising such as banner ads. Although, it can be easy to gravitate towards the ease of online marketing taking a look at it's effectiveness for your organization is important.  

Looking for New Distribution Channels:  

Often, companies are looking for different ways to get their products out there. In the beginning phase of your organization door-to-door marketing is something to consider, because it only requires and can do attitude and persuasion. Direct selling is definitely undervalued as an marketing channel, but it does have strengths.


For example, door-to-door sales gets hard-to-reach consumers that would not be able to be obtained over the phone. Although, direct sales is a niche market there can be a huge payoff. The industry is growing and in the U.S the market is valued at about twenty-nine billion dollars annually. 


Some downfalls of door-to-door marketing to be aware of are there are anti-soliciting laws, and you need a trained salesforce with transportation to go out into the community.


However, being willing to do what other organizations are not can prove effective. If you can turn people who have never heard of your product or organization into supporters then door-to-door sales can be worth the time and effort. 


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