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Article | Jan 19, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Get Your Grant Approved

Advocacy & Fundraising

Posted by Nina Foo



If you're looking to create grants a key piece is having good grantmaking practices. Learn the best practices for grantmaking,  here are what we suggest you try and use. With this advice, you are one step closer to getting your grant approved! 




Use general operating support and multi-year funding

Nonprofits use general operating support grants due to their flexibility. General operating support grants are grants that support the mission of the nonprofit rather than specific projects. This also allows the organization to pursue unpredictable opportunities that may come up.


Multi-year funding is also important because this allows nonprofits to plan ahead. Multi-year grants are just what they sound like. A grant for more than one year, in which the amount is funded incrementally. 


Having grants that offer both of these characteristics is ideal. By having these two types of grants it allows nonprofits to grow and be effective. 


Read more here and read our blog post, "How to Build Social Capital."

Demonstrate the Role of Advocacy, Organizing, and Civic Engagement 

If you're looking to get funding for your nonprofit make sure to have a clear plan to make social change.  Make sure to have quantitative and qualitative ways to measure your advances in advocacy. Investors like to see a clear plan on how their funding will make a difference. So make high-impact strategies for long-lasting social change. 


Research corporate philanthropy

If you're looking for funding also try and find corporate philanthropy funding options. It's an increasing trend that corporations are offering resources to nonprofits. 


It's important for nonprofits to get the funding they need to illicit impactful change. With better grants out there nonprofits have a better chance to thrive. Well, now you are well on your way to creating a great grant.

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