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Article | Nov 23, 2015 6:47:50 AM

Getting High Quality Customer Feedback on Your Door to Door Sales Process

Careers Sales & Direct Marketing

Posted by Ellen Perfect


Customer feedback is an essential piece of any sales operation. It helps companies tailor their programs to meet the needs of each client more thoroughly and to resolve issues that are affecting their conversion rates. But while most companies understand the importance of feedback in general, few understand how to get the most honest and actionable feedback from each customer.

Ask immediately, on-site

This helps customers keep their thoughts fresh in their minds and will allow you to get more detailed, specific feedback about your sales processes. Asking in person also helps you to form a closer connection and allows the customer to feel more comfortable being honest and thorough in their responses.

Ask for feedback on each task

By asking your customers for feedback on every interaction, not just in bulk at the end of your work with them, you can not only help the customer feel far more valued, but address issues as they arise and resolve them more proactively. This will keep customers more satisfied and reduce the number of customers who exit your sales pipeline.

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Use a Framed Conversation to get deeper feedback

Customer feedback surveys are a great way to document general trends in the way your customers feel about the ways you engage them, but rarely do customers take the time to fully elaborate on their feelings and give important specifics that are necessary to your reform processes. To remedy this, check out our guide to building a conversation frame. Framing a conversation around their feelings instead of reading a survey will encourage your customers to give more unique and personal feedback that your company can convert into action.

By increasing the amount and depth of feedback your company is getting, you can ensure that you maintain the most responsive and satisfactory customer service in the industry.


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