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Article | Nov 10, 2015 6:40:26 AM

How Nick Josefowitz beat the last Republican in San Francisco

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Posted by Rebecca Stone

Nick Josefowitz had one goal – “Clean up BART”.

BART, or Bay Area Rapid Transit, is the public transportation system that connects the East Bay to San Francisco and has the reputation of being outdated and dirty. Josefowitz wanted to join the elected BART board, which oversees billions of dollars in contracts including contracts for power plants, housing, and retail around its stations, to bring innovation to its dated system and leadership.

Joining the BART board, however, would not be a simple task. Josefowitz had to defeat a Republican 24-year incumbent, James Fang, who was a member of a powerful San Francisco family. However, Josefowitz knew that the people were on his side. He saw that they were tired of their smelly commutes and the political machines responsible.

So, he took to the streets with Organizer. Josefowitz and his team of volunteers went door-to-door, sharing his vision and drumming up support with voters. By the end of his campaign, his team had knocked on 90,000 doors—more than any other BART Board candidate.

Organizer allowed the field organizers to spend more time connecting with voters, and less time organizing field outreach. Alyson Opatowski, the campaign manager for Josefowitz, said, “Our field program was dramatically more productive because of Organizer. Since there was no data entry, we could re-canvass an area faster and as a result, we went through our entire turf 6 times!”

Josefowitz’s focus on efficient face-to-face contact paid off, and, with Organizer’s help, he defeated James Fang by more than 7-points and was successfully elected to the BART Board. 


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