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Article | Jan 3, 2017 10:58:46 AM

Do Advocacy Better, Use Social Media

Advocacy & Fundraising

Posted by Nina Foo



Social media has changed how we communicate and get our information. There’s no question social media has changed advocacy work forever. Now advocacy work is no longer straightforward lobbying but rather a full PR-advertising-social media operation.







Here are multiple ways social media has changed advocacy work, and can help you in the future.

Direct contact with voters

Social media allows advocacy groups to speak directly to voters, and without spending any money at all. It can almost be used like door knocking but without all the walking. Using social media can keep topics and causes at the top of people’s minds. Plus, if used correctly social media can be a way to maintain and build relationships. Keeping voters interested and close will help make advocacy changes.

Free Advertising

With social media, you can now create videos and ads and share them without paying for them. Plus, videos on social media get more views and engagement than written posts or images. Your videos that you create can act as informative free advertising, because social media allows to a venue to display them. If your videos are popular enough they can even generate PR.


With any social media content, especially videos, don’t forget the power of sharing. If you can get more people to share what you post you’ll cast out your advocacy information out to a wider audience.

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Custom Messaging

Social media helps organizations have a chance to personalize their message and share it with a large group. They can also use social media to share other content that only furthers their goals.


Plus, you know your audience well. Think about what they need and are looking for and create that content for them. With engaging messaging people interested in your advocacy cause will follow you.

Insights into public opinion

Another great feature of social media is that it provides fast feedback. Advocacy groups can easily use Twitter and Facebook analytics to gauge how people feel about an issue.  With more information and analytics you can get a better idea of the public opinion. With these you can insights use them to change your message accordingly.

More voices more power

Ultimately, using social media groups can easily join together to petition their elected officials to show the importance of their issue. With more people using their voices there is more power for change.


Although, how you communicate and make change in the advocacy space is different it’s important to change. Using social media is an easy way to talk to voters and illicit the changes they need.


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