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Article | Jul 19, 2016 11:00:00 AM

How Street Canvassing can help Your Business Grow

Sales & Direct Marketing

Posted by Arin Mallin
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Street canvassing has been used by advocacy groups, fundraisers, and political campaigns. Yet, rarely do we see businesses use this method.

Experiential marketing is usually done to show a product or service in action. Most of the times done in a unique way.

The goal of experiential marketing is to have leads become customers on the spot. Of course, it doesn't always happen that way. Now that you have their attention, it's time to keep it. 

Businesses can use street canvassing for two main reasons. Read on to find out more.


1. Collecting Lead Information

Email marketing isn't dead. 

Email marketing is one of the cheapest ways to keep your audience engaged in your content. 

While social media is great to churn out content, it is harder to see how effective it actually is. With email, it is easier to quantify how effective they are just by the open rate. 

And the only way to have a lot of people opening your emails, is to have a database of leads who have shown interest in you.

The best way to do this is to collect as much info from the people who attend your experiential marketing event. Give them surveys while they are at the event about how they enjoyed the experience. Just make sure to always collect their email at the end!

2. Geographic Market Research

Street canvassing allows you to pick a location or landmark that you want to canvass. The location you choose is important to the type of information you want to collect. So think hard about your company and where your ideal customer or even new target audience might be.

Let's say you are opening 5 coffee carts that you want to set up around your city's downtown area. 

With this example, maybe you will want to target people near bus or subway stops to talk to commuters. Your survey can contain questions such as: where they look for coffee, their price range, and how long their walk to work is.


Street canvassing collects data that you don't always see in other forms of marketing. Lead nurturing and geographic segmentation just are two main ways it's utilized.

Street canvassing isn't restrained by the need for a list like traditional canvassing. With Organizer's Hotspot tool, you can do all this in just one app. No binder, no paper, no fuss. Just drop a pin in the location or landmark you want to send your canvassers, and get started. It's that simple.

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