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Article | Dec 28, 2016 8:00:00 AM

How Will Advocacy Change in 2017

Advocacy & Fundraising

Posted by Nina Foo



It's easier to prepare for the new year if we know what to look out for. Let us tell you what to be ready for in advocacy in 2017. These tips can help prepare your advocacy campaign for another successful year.



Be Ready for External Shocks

External shock is often the key drive for change. Sometimes it takes a crisis or an event to act as the catalyst to create real change. When a crisis happens actions are based on the ideas that are around.


It is important to consider putting aside a portion of their policy and advocacy a way to roll them out quickly. During times of crisis, there is more political space open for policy concerning an advocacy issue. 

Specialize in Coalitions 

Coalitions are more than civil society organizations. Power is moving towards being dispersed amongst bloggers, thought leaders, and citizens. To create an effective coalition use shared platforms that will keep people together.



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Getting a diverse staff within your civil society organization will help establish people who can act as "translators." Translators are people who can bring diverse coalitions together. Having a more approachable staff will bring diverse coalitions together. 

Use Your Members' Talents 

Traditionally, member engagement looked like people signing a petition or donating money. Now with technology you can put members in charge. Having people regularly campaigning on social media will help generate awareness.


Your members' leadership will help more your cause in the right direction, and you need them to take action.  Remember having people share their personal stories is much more compelling. 


Although, we've tried to give you all the answers to advocacy for 2017 remember that your cause will see ups and downs. It's only natural to have hiccups along the way.


So keep in mind that using your member's talents will help spread the word and have active members. Also, be ready for external shocks and figure out how to best set up your coalition. Our suggestions will help prepare you to best advocate for your cause.

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