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3 Reasons Startups Should Consider Canvassing

Posted by Arin Mallin on Jun 8, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Everyday there seems to be ten new startups that are all vying for your attention. With advancements in technology, prospects can be reached in what seems like a thousand different ways. While all these new ways to engage are exciting, companies can become to reliant on them, thus just creating noise for the consumer. 

How can you break free of the clutter? Read on to find out how canvassing can change the way you communicate.

Topics: Sales & Direct Marketing

Consider Canvassing for New Market Activation

Posted by Chloe Horsma on Feb 16, 2016 1:45:49 PM



As your company grows and expands into many regions at once, you may be struggling with how to reach the new markets that now lay just out of reach.  You might be thinking, now that technology does most of the work for you, the easiest way might be to rely on social media or online data to activate your new markets.  You’re not be the only company thinking this way, and if you rely only on new media strategies you might risk getting lost in the noise.  How can you make yourself stand out to your new markets? Read on to learn why you should consider canvassing and grassroots marketing.

Topics: Sales & Direct Marketing

Ensuring Success in Community Solar: Learning from North Carolina

Posted by Ellen Perfect on Dec 30, 2015 7:30:00 AM

A community solar project in North Carolina was recently rejected amid fears of possible carcinogenic properties, overuse of sunlight, and effects on property prices. What this demonstrates is a broader need for community solar providers to engage communities with more effective education efforts before moving forward with plans.

Topics: Sales & Direct Marketing

Activating new markets through door to door sales

Posted by Ellen Perfect on Dec 28, 2015 7:30:00 AM

The market for solar energy is growing quickly as more consumers take control of their green energy futures. But the number of solar energy companies looking to capitalize on this is growing too. Given this, aspiring solar energy magnates can’t rely only on a market of customers who are already showing interest. The most successful companies are instead focusing on activating new green energy markets. The secret to this, however, isn’t always large-scale digital or print marketing campaigns. While it may seem counterintuitive, many solar companies are returning to door to door sales as the best method of reaching customers. But why is activating markets through door to door outreach so effective?

Topics: Sales & Direct Marketing

Building Personal Connections with Leads to Build Trust

Posted by Ellen Perfect on Dec 26, 2015 7:00:00 AM

One of the biggest benefits of using a door to door sales structure is the opportunity to build personal connections with leads to increase conversion rates. But simply appearing in person isn’t enough to make a lead feel connected enough to trust your salespeople—and your product. Try the following tips for going that extra mile to build trusting relationships with leads.

Topics: Careers, Sales & Direct Marketing

How keeping better metrics will boost sales team productivity

Posted by Ellen Perfect on Dec 2, 2015 6:34:00 AM


Performance Reviews

Employees who know their performance is being monitored tend to be more productive. By ensuring that individual as well as team metrics are tracked, your company can incentivize each member of your outside sales team to take ownership over their work and perform better.

Topics: Sales & Direct Marketing

Top Three Objections Solar Canvassers Face - and How to Overcome Them

Posted by Chloe Horsma on Dec 1, 2015 6:28:06 AM


As in all sales pitches, there are a few arguments that come up time and time again.  When canvassing, being prepared to respond to some of the most common objections to solar not only prepares canvassers to win over their customer’s minds: a confident, convincing solution will win over the heart of even the most hesitant potential customers.

Topics: Sales & Direct Marketing

Getting High Quality Customer Feedback on Your Door to Door Sales Process

Posted by Ellen Perfect on Nov 23, 2015 6:47:50 AM


Customer feedback is an essential piece of any sales operation. It helps companies tailor their programs to meet the needs of each client more thoroughly and to resolve issues that are affecting their conversion rates. But while most companies understand the importance of feedback in general, few understand how to get the most honest and actionable feedback from each customer.

Topics: Careers, Sales & Direct Marketing

How to Make an Impact at the Door When Canvassing

Posted by Ellen Perfect on Nov 18, 2015 8:38:07 AM

Research suggests that you have seven seconds to make a first impression. In door to door sales, this means that in the first seven seconds of meeting a new potential lead, the customer will decide whether they are hearing your pitch, or closing the door. This gives salespeople only a short window to capitalize on the potential to win a new lead. By engaging the right strategies, though, door to door sales operations can maximize their lead generation rate.

Topics: Campaigns & Politics, Sales & Direct Marketing

Why Your Door to Door Sales Pitch is Outdated

Posted by Ellen Perfect on Nov 17, 2015 6:55:56 AM

Having a pitch plan is an important element of keeping a sales team organized, but scripting your conversations may be holding your sales team back. Sales scripts limit the degree of engagement the salesperson can have with the customer and make purchasing a product a much more burdensome process for the customer. Using a pitch frame is a more modern option that allows a manager to lay out the questions the salesperson should ask and the major points they need to emphasize while placing the freedom to shape the conversation in the hands of the salespeople.

Topics: Sales & Direct Marketing

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