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Article | Jul 8, 2016 12:58:03 PM

Where is the Waste in Your Campaign?

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Posted by Arin Mallin
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Campaigns are expensive, and it's not secret. The average local campaign spends $5000, and that nothing compared to the $500,000 on a state campaign. The higher you go up the list, the more zeros start to get tacked on to the end of that number as well. So are their places where campaigns managers can afford to cut the cost? We known there is, and we want to show you exactly where the waste is in your campaign.


This may be a simplified version of where campaigns can afford to stop investing their time and money, but it rings true for most managers and consultants. If you want to learn more about finding the waste in your campaign, look below to see how to download our free ebook on this same topic!


Want to learn more?

Check out our free ebook on Where is the Waste in Your Campaign?




Where is the waste in your campaign


It’s no secret that campaigns are expensive. It can be a challenge trying to assess what can be cut out of your budget. In this ebook we take a close look at where you may be wasting money AND time.

What's Inside:

  • Find out where you can STOP investing money in your campaign
  • Learn how to keep your canvassers accountable
  • Eliminate all those data entry hours

Download the Free Ebook Where is the Waste in Your Campaign?


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